Josh Dill

Josh was born in Danville Illinois and moved to the Springfield area when he was two. He went to public schooling and graduated from New Berlin High School. He has four siblings two brothers and two sisters. His whole life he has been dedicated to helping everyday people. He spent 7 years of his career in union work doing technical support and customer care. For the last two years he has been working to help modify home loans to avoid foreclosure and being kicked out of their homes in this district and across the nation. He has not been involved in politics his whole life and therefore have not been corrupted by them unlike those in our current system. The current two party system lacks ideas and integrity, examples of this being both parties support big money and corporations regardless of the rhetoric they repeat. He has accepted candidacy for this party to be for the people by the ordinary people not the elite. During his down time he spends time with his daughter and fiancé and volunteering in his local community.

The definition of liberty is the quality or state of being free, the power to do as one pleases, the power of choice. Abraham Lincoln once said “ A house divided cannot stand.” That is what we have today, an uncompromising congress that has polarized our nation and separated into groups of left right instead of log and integrity. Reason and intelligence has been replaced with greed and corruption. With 112th congress the least producing congress on record and the our current 113th on track to do much worse it’s time the people stood up to make a change. A real change that unifies the American People and removes the money from politics that’s crippling our nation. Republicans and Democrats alike speak about making the hard decisions, but those decisions are being made by the companies and organizations that fund their campaigns. Josh stands for liberty, for unity and for truth. A completely revamped tax code that aims at helping small businesses and individuals. One that balances the budget and pays down our debt. A strong stance on educating our young and bring home our veterans and increasing their benefits and pay. Both major parties follow a set of rules they never waiver from using anecdotal examples to further their own agendas instead of using new ideas to better our country. I accepted this nomination to set a new path to prosperity for all americans.

This district has been misrepresented in the last two years. With a districted filled with small business owners, factory workers, union members and farmers. Your best interests have not been adequately addressed. How could they be? The congressman representing you has never stood in your shoes, he’s never worked 12 hours on an assembly line, or had an idea and took a chance on starting his own business. He’s always been part of our corrupt political system paid with taxpayers dollars. Josh has stood in your shoes as a union member, a factory worker and now he saves homes in this district and across the country from going into foreclosure. The difference between the two is easy to see. He claims to work for you, but Josh has worked for you and with you. He's prepared to work for you again this time in congress representing this great district and our country. This is not about political leanings this is about simple facts. These are facts to remember when you go to vote in November and who you are supporting during the upcoming months. The road ahead is difficult, but nothing worth having is easy. This party and candidacy has been created out of necessity. Somebody needs to stand up and fight for the rights of the people. That is what he's willing to do for you.